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To embrace uncertainty is to love ❤️

What I worked on today:

Talk about the real background story behind your idea to connect with your crowd: a simple landing page template.


Beep. Boop. Beep. Boop.

What I worked on today:

BurritoPay is a way to measure your financial expenses in terms of burritos.


I like to make things.

What I worked on today:

I made a morning routine website that shows random yoga poses: Pose.


It's okay to let go into tangled emotions.

What I worked on today:

I rebuilt a JS library I've been using in most of my projects, widget.js. It lets you show/hide different areas on the page depending on where the user clicks. Super useful.


I feel pain in different parts of my body. When I breathe into the pain, sometimes it releases into the kindness.

What I worked on today:

I dramatically improved the styles of “better landing page” by adding panphora.css, my simple CSS library for making HTML's default styles better.


Sometimes I feel this heavy weight and I wonder: "What is this?" And, as soon as I ask, it's gone. Like magic.

What I worked on today:

I finished panphora.css, my simple CSS library for making HTML's default styles better. I then added the new stylesheet to my social share image generator. The site looks much better now! 🥳.


Your brain is smart, but your brain + your body is smarter.

What I worked on today:

Major improvement to the social share image generator. It now supports uploading an image, something I've always wanted. Can generate social share images that look like this 😮.



What I worked on today:

I hate typing "html arrows" into Google, so I made this: Arrows ←↑↓→


What if everything is beautiful?

What I worked on today:

Merged my two personal websites into one at panphora.com, which now has new "my projects" & "contact me" pages!


It can be both really hard and exceedingly easy to do nothing.

What I worked on today:

I ran my first-ever in-person club. It's called Do Nothing Club. I made this flyer for it and handed it out to random people on the street. 4 other people showed up!


Lean into it.

What I worked on today:

In the past 5 days, I made a social image generator for generating social share images for my projects and a simple password generator.


You're either leaving, you're on your way, or you've arrived. If you become comfortable with all 3 places in life, maybe the importance of these concepts starts to dissipate and you can just be in the moment.

What I worked on today:

I made my first blog post on my new blog about what I'm afraid of when it comes to running my own business.


One time I asked my primary care doctor if she thought the middle of my forehead was hurting because my third eye was opening and she thought that was really funny, but I was kinda serious lol. Still not sure.

What I worked on today:

I made “better landing page”, a reminder to myself that — when it comes to landing pages — the message is usually much more important than the design.


Trusting in the breath that fills me with life, practicing kindness towards myself in thought and smallest action.

What I worked on today:

I made a really cool image for a tweet that I hope will spark some conversation.


Uncertainty is love.

What I worked on today:

Started working on a spiritual marketing guide called "Rooted: A Tree's Guide to Marketing", which is inspired by my love of trees, deep-rooted connections, and some conversations I may or may not have had with said trees 🙂


Trying to let go of the future/past/identity/self is a world away from actually letting go.

What I worked on today:

Launched a new newsletter, Building Consciously. I'll talk about building an emotionally satisfying indie business.


Push past everything. Find emptiness. Then you’re home.

What I worked on today:

New business cards for Artisfy.


Peace arises when you choose to move through suffering instead of avoiding it. Suffering is only the obsession with avoiding something, whether it is embarrassment, heart-ache, guilt, or physical pain. Once you give in to the experience and stop resisting, the suffering goes away on its own. Hardest, most terrifying lesson I’ve learned to date, and I still need to relearn it almost every day.

What I worked on today:

I self-published a short guide that’s helped me find my way through anxiety in various circumstances called “who am I? a guide for dealing with difficult emotions”


The ego, your sense of self, is just a series of familiar thoughts or feelings passing through you every once in a while

What I worked on today:

Received the final version of a commissioned animation I’m planning to put on the front page of Artisfy to explain how it works


Every thought is an energy flow stopped and frozen in its passage. To see it is to stop it and hold it. You cannot also be it while examining it. In order to be it, you must let it find release, let it go, let it take you where it may.

What I worked on today:

Received the final version of a commission for a portrait, which is displayed at the top of my personal website and all my social media profiles


One wrong turn can be literally three right turns in disguise

What I worked on today:

I deployed my new personal website/portfolio to davidmiranda.info


Focus requires forgiveness.

What I worked on today:

I spent the weekend working on a new design for my personal blog, Thinklens. I share my thoughts about thinking, the imagination, and the tapestry of the mind there. Check it out if you get a chance (๑•͈ᴗ•͈)


If you want to hear your inner voice, it can sometimes help to write.

What I worked on today:

Over the past week I’ve been learning about some blogging software called Hugo. I used it to convert this website, ohnote.com (no longer up), and smashingthingstogether.com into static websites. Since hosting static wesbites is free and fast on GitHub pages, this is saving me $10/month. I’m also working on a blog post to help guide other people who want to do this. It’s going to be called something like “Make a simple static blog with Hugo and deploy it to GitHub Pages: An easy, step-by-step tutorial”


As far as I understand it, this is the complete struggle of being human: Being confined to a room that is what you feel, and, while being curious about what happens outside of this room, being content with the knowledge that it is beyond what you are...

What I worked on today:

I wrote a blog post called "I want to be sane again" (no longer up) for my random thoughts blog ohnote.com.


When I feel ill or stressed, I know I haven’t been paying attention to my body lately.

What I worked on today:

I added a new chapter of “A Boy Meets a Dragon” to lovenicely.com. Usually, this includes text written by me, an audio recording recorded by me, and a simple illustration drawn by me. However, this time I hired a brilliant artist to do the illustration and it looks wonderful! The artist’s name is Choo and she has a wonderful blog where she posts a lot of her artwork.


Taking time for yourself is the single healthiest thing you can do.

What I worked on today:

Continuing to work on Artisfy, improving it step by step. Worked on the User model today, so developing features that interact with users (i.e. all of them) will be easier now.


Stop pretending.

What I worked on today:

I moved back to Somerville! I live 5 minutes from Davis Square! It was a long, hard move, but totally worth it! Ok, gonna sleep for 10 hours now, bye.


Leave people behind. Most of the time they’ll catch up to you later. Sometimes you’ll realize they were moving so slowly just to help you along.

What I worked on today:

Started implementing payment processing on Artisfy. Improved the payment form dramatically with the jquery.payments.js library from Stripe. I also made a t-shirt for my girlfriend of the logo of her favorite restaurant, My Thai Vegan Cafe.


Things look and feel much different if you just let them be, as opposed to turning them over in your mind. Stop trying to figure out your experience and just let it happen.

What I worked on today:

Deployed a new version of Artisfy, fixed some bugs, added analytics, and got the contact form on the contact page working.


Many thoughts throughout the day occur automatically. Make sure you take the time to create your own thoughts.

What I worked on today:

Spent about 4 hours working on Artisfy tonight! Got the Signup page back up (it was broken), added a link to the blog (no longer up), and made a couple other improvements to the design.


The act of creating bends the world around you, opening the space around you into something you didn’t see before.

What I worked on today:

I posted the sixth chapter of “A Boy Meets a Dragon”, along with an audio recording and illustration by me, to lovenicely.com, a fantasy/fiction blog I run.


Patience is generosity with time.

What I worked on today:

I converted another website from Node.js based project to a static website. Much faster, less expensive, and easier to manage. SportsMedMassage.com is back online!


I love my dreams.

What I worked on today:

I taught followup 2.5 hour Introduction to JavaScript class at the Startup Institute.


I like to take a few seconds every day feel instead of think. It feels better every day.

What I worked on today:

I got my friend’s website, Hungry Hats, back online today!


Most of your enemies are your own fears in disguise.

What I worked on today:

I taught a 2.5 hour Introduction to JavaScript class at the Startup Institute.


There are many problems in life, but most of them aren’t actually problems.

What I worked on today:

I received my offer letters from Windshield Inc., a startup that uses Meteor.js and has a really cool mission!!


If you want to be something you’re not, try practicing acting like that thing.

What I worked on today:

Over the weekend I read a small book about Gulp.js and used what I learned to get a client’s website back online (no longer up).


Advice is mostly given by people who didn’t achieve their dreams.

What I worked on today:

I wrote a blog post for other people who have trouble figuring out how to handle errors that occur in the Meteor.js methods: How to Handle Errors in Meteor Methods (no longer up).


In the process of becoming who you want to be, you will pass into and through identities you don’t want to be. The fun part is not becoming what you want to be, but in slowly realizing that it may not be exactly what you thought it was.

What I worked on today:

I put three of my favorite domains up for sale: riotpost.com, jetplot.com, and ohnote.com. I spent a lot of money doing this. Unfortunately, none of them sold.


The quickest way back to peace is to wait for it to come back to you.

What I worked on today:

I wrote a blog post about how I added pagination to my own Meteor.js project: Pagination in Meteor.js (no longer up).


If you want to bring your fantasy life and your real life closer together, try doing something just because it pops into your head.

What I worked on today:

Made a website mockup of my mother’s Plated cookbook idea and sent it to Plated.


When you are terrified, wait. Terror turns into something new when you give it enough room.

What I worked on today:

Gave a presentation at a Meteor.js meetup and wrote a followup blog post for smashingthingstogether.com, The JavaScript Runtime, Fibers, and Meteor.wrapAsync (no longer up). It’s a pretty deep look at how JavaScript works and what makes Meteor.js so cool.


Forgetting is the biggest favor you can do for reality. It too makes mistakes.

What I worked on today:

Wrote a blog post for smashingthingstogether.com, “Make Your First Meteor.js Package” (no longer up), which explains the basics of creating a reusable package for Meteor.js and sharing it with other developers


Things happen. Mostly, that’s all you need to know.

What I worked on today:

Wrote a blog post for smashingthingstogether.com, “Deploying Your App to Scalingo” (no longer up), which aims to show a quick and easy way to deploy a Meteor.js application


Whatever you share of yourself becomes more real than it was before.

What I worked on today:

Wrote a blog post for smashingthingstogether.com, “How to Make Custom Sign Up and Login Forms” (no longer up), which helps teach Meteor.js developers to customize the look of their authentication forms


Let go, let it all in, and watch fear evaporate. Fear is nothing more than trying to push back what you already know.

What I worked on today:

Wrote a blog post for smashingthingstogether.com: “Using Scoped ReactiveVars to Control Tab Visibility” (no longer up), which gives some advice about how to keep code clean in Meteor.js apps


When the sky falls, don’t try to pick it up, just keep walking.

What I worked on today:

Published Chapter 1 of “A Boy Meets a Dragon”, a novel that I love and have been working on for about a year


Drop the search. The journey will unfold naturally.

What I’ve been working on:

I completely redesigned the front page of Love nicely over the past two weeks. I also added a new story called Save Your Heart. I’m very proud of both these things, especially because I also did the artwork and audio recording for the new story.


We are forged by suffering.

What I worked on today:

Got feedback on the the new story for Love nicely back from Kibin. Reached out to a different artist to do an illustration for it. I’m hoping to publish the story by the end of November.


Dear children, they are children too, just been around the sun more times.

What I worked on today:

I’m prepping a new story for Love nicely. I edited it, submitted it to Kibin for professional editing, and asked an artist if they’d be open to doing a commissioned illustration for it.


Sometimes it’s a long journey to find my way back to peace and self-acceptance.

What I worked on today:

I added a dream I had a while ago as a new story to Love nicely: “A Dream About Gems”, with beautiful illustrations by Michael Leung from Dreame.


For clarity, I return to the idea that we all only exist right now.

What I worked on today:

I edited and improved my newest post on Thinklens, “The Terrain of Points and Opinions”. I think I may have posted it a bit prematurely.


Often there is nothing standing in my way, even when I feel there is.

What I worked on today:

A brand new post on Thinklens, “The Terrain of Points and Opinions”, which is about how I navigate heated conversations when I don’t feel like I have much at stake.


The time I lose chasing paths that are not mine…

What I worked on today:

The contact form that (used to) pop up when you click the “contact me” link at the bottom of this site. It used a customized Google Form.


I don’t think you can ever know for sure where you stand in relation to other people.

What I worked on today:

The image of the girl with the crazy hair in the footer of the Lovenicely website (no longer there) — inspired by Delirium and Death from the Sandman comics.


I thought of a new title for one of the main characters of my novel: Rish, the outlawed princess. Her name was already Rish, her title is the new part.

What I worked on today:

I made the eye icon at the top of this website. I like it.


Behaviorists might claim that fairy tales are told to keep children in line. I think they’re told because they communicate something that cannot be said otherwise.

What I worked on today:

I made a shirt inspired by the In the Dust of this Planet episode of Radiolab. (It's one of my most profitable online projects to date.)