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Projects I'm working on
Helping caregivers find better jobs by empowering employers who offer great experiences.
A static web host / page builder / social network where creative coders collaborate.
An email sign up form that's unlike anything else: it's polite!
A way to build web apps using only HTML.
A podcast about building cool projects while staying focused on what makes me tick.
Create animations by dragging your mouse.
Projects I loved working on
Get the minimum freelance rate you need to charge to achieve your goals.
A real-time board game canvas with hundreds of pieces but no rules, so you can make up your own games with friends.
What if your todo list stopped you from taking on too much work?
A CSS framework for creating landing pages fast.
I launched 15 out of 31 projects in January 2022 in order to get over my fear of launching.
A podcast about devs hacking possibilities.
Accept commissions as a creative through your own site.
Making project management easy for digital artists.
A button that's genuinely fun to click on.
A massively-multiplayer pixel-formation game.
I'm learning more about
Building web applications
Developing ideas into products, and then fashioning them into full-fledged digital experiences
Maintaining focus
Developing a work ethic that values mental health and clarity above everything else
Working on big projects
I love taking apart big challenges piece by piece and doing my highest-quality work in the process
Living with openness and love
I want to work on things that help people be more human, live more fully, and trust more boldly
Technology I'm interested in
I want to learn how to build web projects quicker by using the fastest MVP-building language around!
I'm looking forward to a day when VR and AR expand what's possible in reality
I love building interactive things on the web and JS helps a lot with that!
Prototyping products
I love designing things. The process always makes me question my assumptions, learn what works, and build something that people actually enjoy using
Helping other web developers
I want to make it easier to create things on the web by giving better tools to all kinds of developers
Crafting usable interfaces
I love transforming ideas into interfaces that people can understand at first glance and use from anywhere in the world
Writing immersive stories
I use writing to expand perspectives, provide a view into a world that hasn't been seen before, and get people engaged in a brand
My blogs & newsletters
My newsletter! I talk about how to build an emotionally sustainable indie business.
A blog that covers my adventures and learnings in coding & designing online products.
A diary-style record of what I've worked on.
Thoughts about the future of software on the internet.
A place where I write about the journey of building Remake.
My thoughts on how the world works.
Dream-like fantasy stories that will make you feel alive.
Ideas I'd love to work on!
A neighborhood coalition that encourages businesses to be more socially conscious.
A collaborate creative community that works on comic books and other visual projects together.
A 2D, side-scrolling, storytelling animation builder.
An online, multiplayer, role playing game personalized for you by professional storytellers and artists.
A place to find catharsis in reading about anonymous strangers' tragedies, adventures, and moments of serendipity.
If you're a web developer and one of my ideas piques your interest, message me so we can work on it together!
Past projects
A tool for building animated stories.
An Chrome extension that let you add custom reactions to Facebook posts before Facebook released their own version.
Startups I've worked for
Helped to design a system that provided in-home caregivers with excellent compliance training.
A visual and interactive map that showed how work across department lines was connected, as well as how it was contributing to a company's core strategic goals.
Curriculum management, guidance, and sharing for teachers. Helping make classrooms more connected, content more valuable, and helping focus efforts on the teaching materials that work.
Internet radio that featured indie artists, recommended music based on what you liked, and charged you less to purchase songs if you were one of the first to discover it.
An all-in-one marketing & analytics tool for small businesses.